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Orthodontics for Children & Adults



Tel: 301-530-7718

Fax: 301-530-1239

In order to safeguard the privacy of your records, to minimize the chance of identity theft, and to remain as HIPAA compliant as possible, we use email exclusively for the electronic exchange of diagnostic records between dental and medical offices. PLEASE DO NOT TRANSMIT ANY PHI (personal health information), INCLUDING NAME, ADDRESS, DATE OF BIRTH, SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, ANYTHING RELATED TO YOUR TREATMENT, OR ANY OTHER PERSONAL INFORMATION BY EMAIL. ADDITIONALLY, PLEASE DO NOT CORRESPOND WITH THE OFFICE OR MAKE ANY WRITTEN REQUESTS BY EMAIL. If you have current diagnostic records (panoramic Xrays, full-mouth Xrays, cephalometric Xrays, CBCT scans, orthodontic-format facial and dental photographs and/or diagnostic model photographs or simulations), they may be emailed to: Drsgillespie@live.com

Please contact us by telephone to schedule an appointment or ask any questions. For your convenience, please download and complete a patient medical history and bring it to your first
appointment. Please select a medical history for children/dependants or adults.

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