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Countless patients have written to tell us how pleased they are with our office and the quality of care they have received. It is an honor, and tremendously satisfying, to know that we have had such a positive and dramatic impact on their smiles and lives.

I have three sons and one daughter.  They all have a perfect smile.  Thank you.

AH Bethesda

“Dear Dr. Bob, Dr. John, Vanesa, Joanne and Flavia: Thanks for all your kindness, care and humor through the years. You truly are a terrific team! I couldn’t have asked for better orthodontists. You are all very accomodating and go out of your way to make people feel at ease. If my kids need braces, I definitely know where to go! Thanks, Jackie.”

JL Bethesda

Dear Drs. Gillespie and Labs,
“My husband and I wish to thank you for all your care and attention in perfecting Caroline’s very crowded smile. We’re equally appreciative of the considerably efficient manner in which you run your office. Never waited once!! And thank you for all your help with our insurance.”

M.S. Potomac, MD

“My wife and I have both noticed, and appreciate, how beautifully you run your practice. Neither of our children ever waited for an appointment (amazing!) and everyone in the office is professional and friendly. Dr. John says, “Welcome home!” when the kids come in, and the whole office lives up to that warm greeting. As HR officer of my firm, I have tried to implement your best practices protocols, and marvel at every appointment at how consistently your team delivers. What a great experience. PS Jordan is thrilled with her new smile!”

MP Rockville

“Dr. Labs went out of her way to make my very reluctant 18 year old daughter comfortable with the different treatment options. I truly appreciate her patience and concern for my daughter’s comfort.”

PL Bethesda

“My husband and I obtained several opinions before starting treatment on Jamie. We were impressed with Dr. Gillespie’s personal and professional presentation, and no sales pitch. He explained the different treatment options, how treatment would proceed, and even reviewed the finances at the first visit. I left this appointment better informed than I was after three other first opinions, combined. Jamie had her braces removed two months ahead of the projected treatment time, and she liked that she was able to pick her colors during treatment and design her own retainer colors. We have posted your practice on our community listserv. Thanks, again!”

TS Gaithersburg

“Dear Dr. Gillespie: Hazel’s teeth look amazing, and we love the experience of having been in your office. No sign in list, no waiting, no advertising or marketing of any type, just health care. What a concept!”

BR Bethesda

Dr. Gillespie:  Virginia can’t stop smiling.  She’s so happy with her new straight teeth.  My husband and I wish to thank you for making this such a positive experience- she was so reluctant to get braces and came to love visiting your office.  Thank you again!

JB Bethesda

“I love the energy here- very dynamic yet equally relaxing.”

KS Bethesda

“Trevor is thrilled with his new smile. He was so self-conscious about his buck teeth when we started, and I can’t believe how transformative orthodontics was. His self-confidence has gone through the roof. Thank you so much!”

AG Bethesda

“We found a diamond in the rough. Everything was perfect- zero complaints! As a small business owner, I was extremely happy with the efficiency of the office. The doctors are great and your receptionist, Vanesa, is great, too. Ten thumbs up!!”

PW Kensington

“I love the calm feeling in your office… it’s corona-virus-crazy everywhere else.”

A.P. Garrett Park

“Dr. Gillespie: My husband and I were so impressed with how much time you spent perfecting Kayla’s bite, long after we thought it looked perfect. You made orthodontics fun and Kayla actually looked forward to her appointments. Thank you.”

JG Bethesda

“Drs. Bob and John, Vanesa, Joanne and Flavia:  Everyone in this practice is highly professional.  You really care about the patients and what you are doing and it really shows! Much appreciated, Frank.”

FB Silver Spring

“Dear Dr. G: I appreciate you explaining everything to Emma in understandable terms, and I really appreciate you not trying to sell me clear braces or Invisalign. Everything was very straight-forward, honest and professional, and her teeth look great- she is so happy!”

JR Bethesda

“I never had any confidence in online referrals, but yours were all so positive and I tried it. We had an amazing experience, and thanks for everything. You’re the best and Audrey looks amazing!”

CM Chevy Chase

“Dear Drs. Gillespie: The things I like most about your orthodontic practice: Never having to wait, easy and hassle-free to change appointments, availability to be seen quickly by the doctors when needed, and quick and efficient appointments. Thanks!”

MH Bethesda

“Dear Dr. Gillespie:  I am so pleased with what you were able to do with my front teeth.  I have suffered with them for so many years and regret now that I didn’t come to you sooner.  Your office was personable and respectful and I am so pleased with the high quality of care I received.  You continued to finesse my front tooth positions long after I thought they looked great.  Thanks for everything!”

LM Bethesda

“I like the patience they had with me even though I was very impatient about my braces being taken off. I like the fact that they were always so kind to me every visit. I like the fact that the orthodontists were fun to be around and at times made me laugh. Overall, I love the orthodontists. They are probably the best doctors I have ever had.”

HS (a teen) Potomac

“Your office moves at my pace- no waiting and very efficient. I have never seen a more well-run practice!”

JS Bethesda

“Dr. Gillespie: Your conduct is a role model for my children!”

Dr. MV Bethesda

“We like the entire team and there is no waiting time.  The office was flexible with appointment times, which is very important to us.  Drs. John and Bob are excellent doctors.  They have a wonderful, warm and kind bedside manner, they are good communicators and they are great at what they do.  I am so impressed with what they did for my daughter’s smile.”

LM Bethesda

“I love this office- you all have such great energy.  Everyone gets along and seems to love what they’re doing.  I look forward to my visits!”

KH Washington, DC

“Dear Drs. John and Bob: I wanted to take a moment to thank you for a great experience. The treatment presentation and finances were straight-forward and simple, your projected treatment time table was right on point, and I never had to wait to be seen! Not even once! I’m sorry I waited so many years to do this. My teeth look terrific. Thank You.”

TH Kensington

I appreciate your sense of humor sprinkled throughout treatment.  It made something I didn’t really want to do very pleasant.  I also appreciate the administrative efficiency and your no-waiting policy.  The staff were all extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and the entire experience was very down to earth and comfortable.

NH Potomac

“You make it so easy to do business. I like it here!”

MF Bethesda

“This practice is not only the friendliest, but also the most flexible which I have ever visited. You maintain a professional image while also being very kind, and now I have a perfect set of pearly whites!”

AI Rockville

“I appreciate your kindness, the wonderful office environment, all of the courtesies you showed me and my daughter, and especially your determination to get it right. I was referred to your by one of Abigail’s friends and have since handed out your card on several occasions. Thanks for everything!”

LR Boyds

“I love this place. It’s my favorite office to visit… so welcoming.”

D.M. Bethesda

“Dear Dr. Gillespie:  I like:

  1. Accurate estimate of treatment time.
  2. No waiting.
  3. Friendly atmosphere.
  4. You remember me without signing in.
  5. Competent people.
  6. Very efficient.
  7. You tell me what’s going to happen.
  8. No drills or pulling teeth.”
LB Bethesda ( a teen)

“I walked in to schedule an appointment for my son more than ten years after my treatment was completed and Dr. John greeted me by name, as if I had just seen him yesterday. I love the personal, respectful and always professional care which I receive from this office and I look forward to returning for my son’s treatment. The doctors are confident, empathetic and thorough and my treatment result was excellent!”

N.E. Potomac

“This office is so clean!”

H.P. Bethesda

“Doctor G: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a perfect YELP review page before!”

R.D. Darnestown

“I recruit executives and would gladly hire the Drs. Gillespie to run any healthcare facility. The office is beautifully managed, not to mention their knowledge and skill and the terrific results they have achieved for three of my children. I especially appreciate their detailed treatment explanations and their willingness to always take time to answer questions”

A.R. Bethesda

“Dear Dr. Gillespie: My special gratitude for your professionalism, kindness and expert care in providing me with a beautiful smile. I looked forward to each and every appointment, and it was a pleasure to be in your office among your professional and dedicated staff. I enjoyed my time with all of you, I enjoyed every conversation we had, and I love my beautiful smile.”

S.J. Bethesda

“If I could post your business card everywhere, I would!”

M.H. Bethesda

“Love the no- waiting waiting room!”

AG Potomac

“Love the no- waiting waiting room!”

AG Potomac

“I loved when Dr. Gillespie told me, “If this was my child, knowing what I know, I’d wait.”.  Two other Besthesda orthodontics offices tried to scare me into early treatment!”


“I have never had an easier or more pleasant doctor appointment.”

B.H. Bethesda

“Clean office, never waited once, friendly and extremely personable, responsive and convenient… great experience!”

L.P. Bethesda

“Great sense of humor, doctors! Flexible with scheduling and always pleasant. Thank you for honoring the Montgomery County Public School employee discounted insurance rate, even when you didn’t have to. There were no surprises in treatment and your treatment plan was absolutely correct. You’re all awesome! Love, Mrs. S.”st!”

G.S. Bethesda

“We will miss the Dr. Gillespie brothers- punctual and friendly, very professional, flexible and accommodating with the patient’s schedule- they are the best!”

K.M. Bethesda

“The doctors were thorough, respectful, personable and straight-forward. I appreciate the presentation of treatment options and the up-front review of finances. The results are beautiful and everything about the office inspired confidence. We had three Bethesda orthodontics consultations and one more in Rockville, and this was by far the best office we visited. I will continue to whole-heartedly recommend this practice to my friends and have already responded four times to requests for orthodontic referrals on our neighborhood listserv. Sharon is delighted and I am thrilled. Thanks, again!”

R.P. Bethesda

“Thank you for Ari’s beautiful smile. I like: 1. The way the doctors relate and speak to my son- great atmosphere and makes him feel at ease. 2. Efficiency and overall professionalism. 3. Always greeted with a smile. 4. 7 AM call if there was ever a need to bring Ari in for an emergency. You made braces so easy and pleasant. Thanks, again!”

S.Z. Chevy Chase

“I like how kind everyone is. I love how every single appointment you tell me what has to be done and you always do it in a productive manner. Thank you, Drs. Gillespie!”

T.M. Bethesda

“Doctors Gillespie: Where to start? We are so thrilled with the care and results of Hudson’s orthodontia. We were always welcomed so warmly and treated like friends and patients. I don’t usually hug office staff, but I had to hug Flavia! I meant it when I said I would miss seeing Dr. John and Dr. Bob and the whole Bethesda orthodontics team- much thanks!

E.R. Bethesda

“My wife and I, and especially Nate, are delighted that you were able to fix Nate’s crowding without resorting to extractions. He’s thrilled with his new smile and we’re delighted with your service. As an aside, I sit in your waiting room and benchmark your management techniques for my consultancy group- every patient seen on time- amazing!”

J.J. Washington

“Everyone associated with the practice is so kind and goes above and beyond at making patients and their family feeling welcome and at ease. Great Bethesda Orthodontics practice!”

M.P. Bethesda

“I tell all of my friends how pleased I am with Samantha’s beautiful smile. I also tell them how much I appreciate your timeliness, efficiency, organizational skills and terrific rapport with the kids.”

E.S. Bethesda

“Dear Dr. Gillespie: I asked my dentist for an orthodontic referral for my son and was handed a pre-printed list with five names on it. I asked my dentist which orthodontist he would take his children to and he said, “Only Dr. Gillespie.” We have been delighted with your services… what a warm and welcoming environment.”

MK Gaithersburg

“Dear Doctors: I love your office. I tell all of my friends how clean, organized, efficient and professional your office is and Samantha and Annie love their visits. You have managed to make something I dreaded as a child a wonderful experience for my daughters.”

D.C. Rockville

“Dear Dr. Gillespie: I appreciate that whenever I come in for an appointment, I am greeted with friendly, smiling faces, and EVERYONE knows my name. Both orthodontists are always willing to explain how they are treating my teeth. I love the friendly atmosphere at the office and I love my new smile. Thank you so much!”

Kayla, (a child).

“Dr. Gillespie: I genuinely appreciate the treatment options you explained during our initial exam. Our first and second opinions said they could not close the space where Kayla was missing a tooth and I am so thankful for your skill and knowledge in achieving a beautiful result without requiring an artificial tooth. Your staff was very professional and accommodating. The cost of treatment was very fair, and we are so pleased that we elected to have your office complete Kayla’s orthodontic treatment.”

M.B. (Kayla’s mother) Bethesda

“This is the cleanest and most organized office I have ever inspected and I visit every office!”

A.B. Xray Inspector, MD Department of the Environment

“Dear Drs. Gillespie: I am super thrilled about my teeth! There is nothing not to like about your practice. Please feel free to give out my contact information to anyone who has questions or needs a Bethesda orthodontics referral.”

B.J. Bethesda

“My wife and I went to Washington Checkbook to research local orthodontists. Your reviews were overwhelmingly and unanimously positive, more so than any business I have ever researched. Our experience with Alexandra in your office was exactly as anticipated and, not surprisingly, the best of our three opinions. Alexandra can’t wait to get started.”

D.I. Rockville

“Your orthodontic office is such a happy place. I always leave in a better mood than when I arrived.”

B.L. Bethesda

“I like everything about my braces because I enjoy everyone who works there and they are very good orthodontists.”

Will (a child)

“The practice was exactly as described on the website: on time, immaculate, friendly and most importantly, a terrific smile for Will… a terrific Bethesda orthodontics practice.”

G.V. Bethesda

“What’s not to like? Great people, great results, great care, timely and efficient service… great Bethesda orthodontic practice!”

R.J. Bethesda

“Dear Drs. Gillespie: I sit in your waiting room during my son’s appointments and take notes on how to better run my business. Everyone in your office is so gracious, so helpful, so friendly and so professional- a perfect experience!”

M.K. Bethesda

“Our experience with this practice has been exemplary in every way. The office and appointments are managed in an efficient, seamless manner without sacrificing the personal touches that are so important to my son. He actually looks forward to his conversations with the doctors and the rest of the team. I think the positive relationships contributed to my son’s improved desire to take care of his teeth- an outcome that I appreciate as much as his new smile. Last summer, when my son broke a bracket the night before he was supposed to leave for camp, Dr. John met us at the office early on a Sunday morning to make the repair. As always, he was pleasant and positive. Where else do you find this kind of service? I only wish I had known about this practice when my daughter needed braces. Her orthodontist was technically good, but the office experience was like a factory assembly line. I give Dr. John, Dr. Bob and their team my highest recommendation.”

B.C. Bethesda

“Dear Dr. Gillespie: You have a gracious and kind spirit that is much appreciated by all.”

A.O. Clarksville

“Dear Drs. Gillespie: I had a great experience and I will be back if I decide to do my lower teeth, as well. Your office is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and timely, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate never having to wait.”

K.G. Bethesda

“Dear Drs. Gillespie: My family went to our community listserv for an orthodontic reference for our two children, we asked our general dentist for a few referrals, and we googled Bethesda Orthodontics before we initiated treatment on our daughters. Your Yelp and online testimonials really got my attention and the number of people endorsing your practice on our listserv reinforced and confirmed the confidence displayed by our dentist. Our daughters loved your office. You are all so fun and happy that it makes it a wonderful experience. Jenny, in particular, had a very severe problem and orthodontics has changed her life. I’m very glad your office performed our daughters’ orthodontic treatment. Thanks again!”

J.B. Bethesda

“Dear Dr. Gillespie: You have a very qualified and pleasant staff. I never had to wait to be seen, even if I arrived early for my appointments. Also, the appointments never took long. In summary, a perfect experience and environment. Thank you for my beautiful new smile!”

M.G. Rockville

“It’s a no brainer! Drs. Gillespie are the best! You all are so professional, we love your office, have told all of our friends, and will continue to recommend you to our Bethesda listserv community.”

M.J.M. Bethesda

“Dear Drs. Gillespie: The kind, respectful, courteous staff and care I received are excellent. You explained things easily to me and reassured me when I was worried. Thank you for everything. My teeth look and feel great!”

J.P. (a child) Bethesda

“This is the only doctor’s office I look forward to visiting. EVERYTHING is done right!”

C.S. Bethesda

“Dear Drs. Gillespie: My family loves your practice. You’re so punctual, organized and accommodating with my schedule and my boys always look forward to their appointments. I went to my neighborhood listserv for a Bethesda orthodontics referral, and your name came up repeatedly. Your website accurately reflects your practice and I really appreciate all of the time you spent perfecting my children’s bites-true artistry!”

S.T. Rockville

“Dear Dr. Gillespie: I wanted to thank you for the beautiful smiles you gave both of our daughters. Gina is now modeling , she has done one magazine cover, and l’m sure they will never have to airbrush her teeth. Lizzy loves her new smile and is so pleased that she no longer has buck teeth. By the way, I have never seen a cleaner office. Thanks for everything.”

K.L. Bethesda

“Dear Dr. Gillespie: Your office has been a totally unique healthcare experience. I am a physician in a large group practice and we have modified the entire way we conduct our business in an attempt to emulate your scheduling and patient-flow protocols. We find it extremely challenging to remain on time, yet your practice seems to manage the task effortlessly and without exception. I have had three children in treatment over a twelve year period and have never waited (not once!) for a scheduled appointment. My wife and I are delighted with the results you have achieved for our children and the business aspect of interacting with your practice has been an added bonus. Best Regards. “

J.S. Washington, DC

“Dear Drs. G: Katherine says you guys are great and I say thanks for everything. I truly appreciate all of the time you spent on her challenging bite and your “Swiss clock” timing. This is the most efficient of all of my children’s doctors offices, and it has been a true pleasure being treated by both of you. Thanks, again!”

D.M. Rockville

“Dear Drs. Gillespie: I was treated with top-notch care. The initial consultation was thorough, allowing me to make an immediate and concise decision. I appreciated the efforts made to contact my provider regarding coverage. I was notified of the payment terms up front, so I was able to make an informed decision regarding my treatment. The office is very bright, airy, clean and welcoming and it is complimented by Drs. Gillespie and the staff’s professionalism and friendliness. I am very impressed by the customer service aspect of the practice- there is no wait time and you greet me and others by name. My treatment was very effective and I am well pleased. I have since referred my mother and my children to your practice.”

K.G. Washington, DC

“The professionalism of the orthodontists and support staff is exceptional! The young lady at the front desk is awesome- always a smile and exceptional patient service. You have a great team. Thank you for a beautiful smile!”

K.P. Washington, DC

“Dear Dr. Gillespie: I had such a great experience here 20 years ago, I knew if I ever had children I would return, and here I am.”

T.K. Bethesda

“Dr. Gillespie: The staff is very accommodating, professional and friendly. The office is appealing, immaculate, and has great magazines, too. You are all fantastic and my son shares my sentiments about the practice. All the best!”

S.S. Rockville

“Dear Dr. Gillespie: Thanks for the great presentation at consultation-thorough, knowledgeable and not at all rushed. I work in a hospital and hear physicians hurrying through pre-surgical consultations all day. How refreshing to have an enthusiastic and interesting presentation.”

M.N. Rockville

“Dear Dr. Gillespie: My parents told me to write you a thank you note for my beautiful orthodontic treatment. Everything was explained and went exactly according to plan, at least in my case. I assume others have similar experiences, as I have never heard anything but praise about the practice from my friends. The doctors and nurses are knowledgeable and genuinely care about the patients. Thank you, again.”

L.C Gaithersburg

“Dear Drs. Gillespie: Every visit I was greeted with a warm welcome. The staff is very friendly and I never had to wait once I arrived at the office. Thank you for being so conscientious and working so hard to give me a beautiful smile. Best orthodontics practice ever!”

E.C. Potomac

“Dear Drs. Gillespie: When I go to the dentist, I can’t wait to leave. When I go to the orthodontist, I never want to leave!”

A.S. Bethesda

“Dear Dr. Gillespie: I like your very friendly staff, never having to wait, your flexibility with my school schedule and you both have great personalities. Thank you for making this a great experience and for making my teeth look so nice. I’m going to miss coming in.”

J.E. Bethesda

“Dear Drs. Gillespie: Thank you so much for making my teeth look beautiful. What an easy time I had throughout the year. Both of you are terrific, as well as your staff. What a great experience!”

S.W. Rockville

“Dear Dr. Gillespie: Bennett is thrilled to have his braces off and is so pleased with the result. We like everything about your office… a well-oiled machine. Don’t change a thing!”

Z.S. Rockville

“Dr. Bob: Your office is amazing- absolutely the cleanest place I have ever seen. I deliver to every office in this building and every medical building in the area and I have never seen an office as clean as yours. You guys are amazing!”

Rob (UPS Delivery Man)

“Dear Dr. Gillespie: We went to our neighborhood listserv for a Bethesda braces recommendation and your practice was, by far, the number one suggested. We were very pleased at the first appointment with the explanation of treatment and finance options. The doctors are skillful, the results are beautiful, and Jasmine was very comfortable interacting with both the doctors and staff. Thank you very much!”

S.K. Bethesda

“Your office is SO efficient and you have the best magazines. However, I never get to read them because you are ALWAYS on time.”

L.E. Bethesda

“I put a request on the Garrett Park List Serve for an orthodontist. Your name came up five times in less than five minutes. I had high expectations before arriving and I have not been disappointed. Thank you for providing me with such a beautiful smile–I’m only sorry I waited so long to call.”

E.G. Garrett Park

“I checked for an orthodontic reference on Angie’s List. You have so many glowing recommendations nobody else even comes close. I travel from Georgetown to your office and pass more than a dozen orthodontists en route, but it’s well worth the trip. Thanks, again!”

D.J. Washington

“Dr. Gillespie: I wish one of you was a general dentist so I wouldn’t have to stop coming when my children complete treatment.”

T.M. Rockville

“It’s so obvious that you love what you do- you exude confidence and enthusiasm and provide positive motivation for the children. Jake is so happy with the end result.”

TS Kensington

“Dr. Gillespie: This has been a dream experience. I’d love to work in an office like yours. Your knowledge and skill have provided Samantha with a beautiful smile. Thank you!”

D.C. Rockville

“I tell my friends if you want excellent treatment and don’t want to spend the whole day waiting in the orthodontic office, call Dr. Gillespie. Andrea was seen on time for every appointment, her teeth are perfect, and the fees were very fair.”

W.K. Kensington

“Dr. John: You made Matt feel so comfortable in your care, right from the friendly greeting at your front desk on our first appointment. He saw four orthodontists before we came to your practice, and had one bad experience after another. Your relaxed and kid-friendly approach is truly appreciated.”

E.K. Rockville

“Dear Dr. John and Dr. Bob: Thank you so much for your generous contribution to our children’s theatre group, and while I’m at it, thank you for fixing the children’s smiles and for making braces (and going to the orthodontist) such a pleasant experience. I appreciate the way you so clearly explained all of the different treatment options at the beginning of treatment and your assistants were wonderful with our children.”

E.S. Bethsda

“Thank you for making this a wonderful experience and for making my teeth look great. I’m going to miss coming in. The staff is very friendly, I never have to wait, you’re very flexible with my schedule and the doctors have great personalities.”

J.E. Bethesda (a child)

“Thank, you, doctors, so much! I’m so excited to have my braces off and I couldn’t have done it without you. Your office is super friendly and nice. Thanks, again!”

J.S. Potomac (a child)

“Such a friendly office, with talented doctors and staff.”

E.S. Bethesda

” This is the cleanest office I have ever seen, and I visit everybody.”

S.G, Invisalign Representative

“The doctors are smart-sharp and very straightforward.”

K.B. Potomac

“This is a fabulous practice and our family can’t say enough nice things. Starting with our oldest son, Matt (now 24), and most recently with Thomas, the quality of care is unsurpassed. The staff, the doctors… all first-rate. Thank you for everything – DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING!”

P.C. Bethesda

“Dear Dr. Gillespie,

A request from our community’s civic association for an orthodontic referral was recently posted. A neighbor immediately suggested your practice and I seconded the recommendation, adding the following: The pricing is very fair, the office is very well managed, you are never kept waiting, and appointments are generally no longer than 1/2 hour. Most importantly, the doctors know what they are doing.”

L.O. Rockville

“Dear Drs. Gillespie,

I love the services provided by your office. It’s so personal…so one-on-one, no sign-in, no waiting, and incredibly efficient. This is not at all typical of most practices we visit.”

E.D. Rockville

” Dear Drs. Gillespie

This is the cleanest, most efficient and timely place I have ever seen. Thank you for taking such fine care of my daughter. “

D.B. Rockville

“Dear Dr. Gillespie,

What a happy place, and what a wonderful experience we had in your office. The results are beautiful, the doctors and staff treated us like family, and everything was well explained throughout treatment. Tina’s teeth look terrific.
Thanks, again!”

J.S. Bethesda

“Dear Dr. Gillespie,

Just to let you know, after visiting several other orthodontic offices, we decided to choose your Bethesda orthodontics practice because of your kind no-nonsense manner and the calm atmosphere which pervades your office. Every visit was a great experience and reaffirmed our choice. Thank you so much for Noam’s care and best regards.”

R.D. Bethesda

“We love this practice! Your child will actually be seen at the exact time of their appointment. The doctors are knowledgeable and skillful, they have tremendous rapport with the children, the results are beautiful, and everything was explained in a manner which made my child very comfortable. I wish all of my doctors’ offices were this efficient and pleasant.”

A.R. McLean

“I wish I could clone this office as the model for all of my other medical/dental relationships. Thank you for Sarah’s beautiful smile. She was so concerned about the appearance of her teeth and is now absolutely thrilled!”

B.M. Kensington

” This is a fabulous practice and our family can’t say enough nice things. Starting with our oldest son, Matt, and most recently with Thomas, the quality of care is unsurpassed! The staff, doctors… all first rate. I thank you for everything. DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING! “

P.C. Bethesda

“Dear Dr. Gillespie: I placed a request for an excellent orthodontist for our daughter, Layla, on our community listserv. There were 14 responses and 13 were for your office. This is the closest I’ve ever seen to a unanimous decision on any community request. Layla’s braces were placed this morning and I feel like we have truly found a home. Your professionalism and attention to detail are exactly as described by our neighbors. Thank you.”

M.M. Rockville

“Dear Drs. Gillespie: Your office is the most professional, perfectly run practice in town. Our friends told us what to expect, but the reality is doubly impressive, I particularly appreciate your respect for our schedule with your no waiting policy. I also appreciate your succinct and straight forward presentation. It truly inspires confidence. Don’t change a thing. Best Regards.”

C.S. Bethesda

“Dear Drs. John and Bob Gillespie,

After our daughters used your services to straighten their teeth to perfection, I wanted to express my sincere and heart-felt appreciation for the very high quality of care and professionalism which we found in your office… how refreshing. I know of no other practice, in any field, which has addresses every area of the patient’s needs so completely and thoughtfully, from the first consultation to the final appointment and beyond. With two daughters and many treatment visits, I don’t remember ever having to wait to be seen, and we were always greeted with warm and friendly smiles by a sincere and very capable staff. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve wasted over my lifetime in professional offices due to indifferent or disrespectful scheduling. That is not how I wish to spend my day. I can read magazines on own time, in my own house.

Thank you for a wonderful experience, and now our children will enjoy a lifetime of beautiful smiles because you did it right.”

D.S. and J.S. Bethesda

“Dear Dr. Gillespie: Your practice is beautifully run, and the standard against which my family measures every business experience. If you ever tire of orthodontics, I am sure you could open a very successful business teaching others how to operate a successful business… efficient, respectful and always on time. Thank you for taking such fine care of my two children. Their smiles look just beautiful.”

D.P. Rockville

“Dear Dr. Gillespie: My son recently completed orthodontic treatment in your office and we had a wonderful experience. Your office is as represented on your website… clean, no waiting, friendly, extremely personal, responsive, convenient and competent. I have referred and will continue to refer our friends. Thanks for everything!”

C.S. Rockville

“Dear Dr. Gillespie: A perfect experience! Your honesty, integrity, and dedication to excellence pervade every aspect of your practice. We were seen on time for every single appointment, we were never asked to sign in, yet every person in the office remembered my children from visit to visit. You manage to maintain a professional image while still making the appointments fun for the children and pleasant for the parents. We will continue to recommend your practice.”

A.M. Chevy Chase

“Dear Dr. Gillespie: I truly appreciate how you are always on time. The entire staff is always happy- you made an unpleasant exerience (a fifteen year-old girl with braces) a very pleasant one! We will definitely recommend your practice. Thanks for everything.”

G.K. Bethesda

“My daughter got braces at Dr. Gillespie’s office. She loves that they let her change the color of her rubber bands (Halloween colors at the moment) and I love that they are very professional and have us in and out in no time. Both John and Bob Gillespie have a wry sense of humor which is much appreciated and they seem to know practically everyone in the Bethesda area, which is how I came to discover them. Also, I have to say their receptionist is a kind and knowledgeable woman. We have been very happy here. The facility is very comfortable, but you barely wait because you are usually shown in immediately.”

Online DR. Oogle Review

“Dear Dr. Gillespie: Thank you for straightening my teeth. It was really fast, you are very nice, someone was always giving me attention, and I love my teeth!”

A.P. Bethesda

“Dear Dr. Gillespie: The best part of your practice, without question, is you….the Doctors, Joanne and the entire staff. Everyone is friendly, competent, honest (very important among doctors) and demonstrates very effective communication skills. Thanks for a terrific experience. Sara looks beautiful!”

S.R. Bethesda

” I love the Doctors and the staff. They care about me!”

G.F Kensington

“Thank you for your incredible attention to treatment excellence and timeliness. Every appointment starts on time and is completed promptly. I have never been to another doctor’s office that provided such conscientious care.”

B.G. Bethesda

“Dear Doctors :I love this office! Swiss timeliness, Australian friendliness, unmatched professionalism and a beautiful result.”

B.M. Kensington

“It was a wonderful and positive experience, and we are so happy with the results. Everyone took the time to talk to our family and remember all of our names. Your practice is organized and efficient, everything was explained to us, and you took the time to answer all of our questions. My daughter was excited about her braces and the results. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience.”

D.P. Germantown

“Dear Dr. Bob and Dr. john: I wanted to share my heartfelt thanks for more than a decade of superb care and orthodontic treatment for our four children. Our three older children now have perfect teeth and beautiful smiles, while the youngest is still working through the headgear phase. I am certain that our youngest will get there, too, especially with an older brother who was voted “best smile” in his high school class- thanks to you! You both, along with your wonderful staff, have been caring, capable, efficient and responsive. Very importantly, your office is welcoming, well maintained and your appointments always run on time. Many thanks for all the beautiful smiles!”

C.M. Rockville

“Very friendly staff and doctors and extremely clean, organized and on time. A terrific experience!”

Online Review

“What’s not to like? Great people, great results, great care, timely and efficient service… great Bethesda orthodontic practice!”

A.B. Chevy Chase

“I loved every visit because all of the staff were very friendly and professional. I never waited at any appointments and Joanne always made sure to schedule me at the best days and times. The doctors and Joy were great and I truly enjoyed getting to know the team. Thank you!”

A.S. Bethesda

“Dr. Gillespie was one of our four orthodontics we visited when searching for a friendly office and a convenient location here in Bethesda. Orthodontics has changed our daughter’s life. The results are absolutely beautiful and we loved visiting Dr. Gillespie. Thanks for everything.”

D.S. Potomac

“Dear Dr. Gillespie: We were pleased with every aspect of William’s care. We feel truly lucky to have been referred to such a top-quality operation that also maintains such a fun and family-friendly atmosphere. We will recommend you, without hesitation, to anyone we know needing orthodontic treatment. Thank you for taking such good care of us.”

M.D. Bethesda

“Dear Drs. Bob and John: We wanted to pass on more positive feedback. Our neighborhood listserv (Luxmanor) is a very active recommendation network. We have sent your names before, and recently another request for an orthodontic recommendation went out for community feedback. We, of course, immediately recommended your practice, and included a genuine and glowing endorsement. Within five minutes, there was another, and another, and then another response, all of which recommended your office for the same reasons…professional, polite, trustworthy dentistry…the list went on.

That’s it for now. Just wanted to pass on the good news, and we don’t believe honest, respectful and positive feedback is ever too much. You guys are the best. Thanks very much.”

K.B. and M.B. Bethesda

“I highly recommend this office to anyone considering orthodontic treatment. We had a very positive experience at Dr. Gillespie’s office during my daughter’s two phased ortho treatment. Dr. Gillespie is a perfectionist and works meticulously on each patient to deliver a great final result. He is prompt, efficient, and very talented. He has a great sense of humor and relates very well to his patients making them feel comfortable and relaxed. His staff also gets high marks from our family. They are always upbeat, courteous, and professional. Dr. Gillespie, thank you for your kindness and dedication and your expert staff who always greeted us with smiles!”

I.I. Bethesda

“Dear Doctors Bob and John: I wanted to thank you for the beautiful work you have performed on my son over the past two years. He’s so happy! Your office staff was always so nice and accommodating and it always felt like we were visiting friends. This is the most efficient and organized doctor’s office we have ever visited– we were seen on time for every single appointment. I enthusiastically tell all my friends about our great experience. Thank you for becoming orthodontists.”

K.L. Bethesda

“Drs. John and Bob Gillespie have preserved the joys of a small-town practice, as might be depicted in a Norman Rockwell painting. Walking into their office, Dr. John and Dr. Bob greet you with a genuine warmth and a caring touch. Routine visits are encouraging, fun and friendly. The quality and integrity of the Gillespies’ work is first rate. They and their staff are exceptional and consistently give their best. Our children now have magnificent smiles. Drs. John and Bob are also positive role models. Visits are filled with uplifting energy and motivating “small-talk” that boosts self esteem. We truly appreciate and strongly recommend Drs. John and Bob Gillespie.”

J./P. P. Bethesda

“Awesome, never had to wait a minute. Love the work, relaxing and easy, and the people are great, too.”

Online review

“My appointments were ALWAYS prompt and efficient. I never had to worry that I would have to wait around for long periods of time. I felt confident in Dr. John and Dr. Bob’s knowledge and experience and never worried about the plan and execution of my orthodontic needs. Finally, I LOVE that everyone is helpful, friendly, and kind, yet always professional. Frankly, they are the best!”

S.K. Kensington

“The Gillespies (Dr. Bob and Dr. John) are the best orthodontists in the area. Their office is clean and professionally managed. Their work is superb and they take the time to explain and educate. Their fees are very fair and Joanne is wonderful.”

Online Review

“Without a doubt, the most professional, efficient, polite dental or medical services I have ever used. What a pleasure and how refreshing to use the services of dentists who have such high standards and who are so honest. In addition to the high quality and proven results of the treatment, the office is as clean as any I have ever seen, and we never waited. The rapport between the staff and the patients is warm and respectful. The Gillespie office knows how to communicate with adolescents, which is an art unto itself.”

M.S. Rockville

“I expected Billy to finish with straight teeth and we were not disappointed. What I did not expect was the best health care relationship I have ever experienced. Clean, efficient, organized, on-time and terrific interpersonal skills with both patient and parents. I enthusiastically recommend Drs. Gillespie to all my friends.”

A.R. Potomac

“Dear Dr. Gillespie: I want to take this opportunity to thank you so very much for the fantastic experience you provided to Jake during his orthodontic treatment. From the beginning, your practice was so pleasant to deal with. The consultation was informative and not overwhelming; you explained everything very clearly and your prediction about the duration of treatment was very accurate.

When scheduling appointments, your staff is always extremely courteous and efficient. In this day and age, when we are so overwhelmed with our children’s many commitments, it really makes a difference to call and hear a happy reception on the other end of the line; that is always the case with your office.

It goes without saying that you are the most punctual doctor we have ever met and that, too, is a huge benefit which is hard to find these days. The office is impeccably clean and yet a relaxing environment; that’s an important feature to put your patients at ease.

Jake’s smile showcases a beautiful set of perfectly aligned teeth, and his exceptional experience at your practice means that we never hesitate to refer our friends to you! I don’t think many people look forward to their orthodontic treatment, but I can honestly say that we are looking forward to seeing you again when Derek is ready for treatment. Until then, all the best and warmest regards to you!”

C.S. Chevy Chase

“Dear Drs. Bob and John Gillespie: We are thrilled with Nolan’s absolutely stunning smile and also the alignment/function (that no one sees). We know how important this aspect of his treatment has been. You and your staff were the answers to our prayer to find a Bethesda orthodontics practice that was excellent and cared. Thank you.”

J. and L.Y. Bethesda

“All four of our children have gone to Drs. Gillespie and all have had a wonderful experience. The office is clean and beautiful, and the fees are reasonable. Kudos to Drs. Gillespie and their wonderful staff.”

Dr Oogle Online Review

“Dear Dr. Gillespie: We appreciate your competence, your fair and competitive fees, and your attention to detail- a terrific experience!”

A.R. Chevy Chase

“What I like:
1. Everybody knows my name.
2. I never have to wait.
3. Different color rubber bands for my braces.
4. My straight teeth.
I (mother) appreciate all of the time you spent correcting Billy’s extremely crowded teeth. I didn’t think it was possible to do this without pulling teeth and I am so pleased you were able to do so.”

Billy Bethesda

“We appreciate the friendly, competent orthodontists, as well as their clarity, kindness and reliability.”

J.M. Bethesda

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